Three Cheers for Simplicity
By A. Hofmann

I prefer things to be simple. You can have coffee that is mildly foamed or an espresso, and maybe with Hazelnut flavor or Vanilla. You could add a hint of cocoa powder or even chocolate syrup with a serving of ice cream. The possibilities are endless. I just like my coffee with a bit of milk.

Do we really need all of this? Would baristas get irritated if someone asks them whether they also serve ‘normal’ coffee? I love talking to people who choose not to worry about fancy language and expressions. We understand each other, there’s a balance and we’re on one level. We don’t need the inclusion of words that only literature-loving mother-tongue listeners would recognize. We do not need to put someone in the awkward position of having to look up certain words or feel uneducated or talked down to.

One who talks in simple words is understood by all. In our connected world, simplicity is, truly, on the rise. Many important topics such as the right to vote, tax bracket creep and Industry 4.0 can be found on the internet together with the phrase “explained in simple ways”. Imagine a manager of a restaurant that says, “We cook easy and traditional dishes. Our plates are not garnished with fancy vinaigrettes”. Would this not resonate with many? They would appreciate the 'traditional' Schnitzel with 'easy' French Fries without having to wonder whether you can actually eat the artful decor on the plate.

A new simple way of life is on the rise. Down-to-earth, plain, without the fuss, focused on the bare necessities and properly formulated. That’s what I like about Capacilon. We put the emphasis on simplicity and reduction. You don’t always need the best, most expensive and most sci-fi-sounding idea. We help the customer focus on what is necessary. We ask simple questions; Who needs what to perform best in their work environment? What could improve it even further? What is useful, what is nice and what is just hype?

There are always simpler alternatives. You just need to look. Simplicity no longer exists in the dark corners. It is being emphasized more frequently than ever before. It's about time to set it completely free!
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