Manufacturing vs Finance Events
By A. Teggatz

Events, events everywhere, nor any speech to see. That is the feeling that most have with the deluge of events around the world. Which one to attend, which one to sponsor and which one to scout out are questions on the minds of a few. I would like to add my two cents worth to an interesting observation between Manufacturing and Finance events. Spoiler alert: They are not that different!

Having been on the attendee, the sponsor and the organiser sides at different points, I feel I have seen more than my fair share of what happens in this branch. For starters, there is the event itself. You have the location, the banners, the badges and the welcoming smiles. But there is more behind and around the scenes. The reception at the hotel needs to make you feel at home but not missing home. The snacks and coffee require an observant yet nonintrusive wait staff. And the technicians who can replace a disco-lights light bulb before it annoys the speaker and the guests are just as important.

Manufacturing events seem to focus on the hype around new technologies whereas the finance ones tend to focus on the opportunities from, well, exploiting these hypes. Both have the same expectations around the sponsors and presenters. And both come with a fair share of guests from the entire spectrum of professional decency.

The notable difference in emphasis lies in occasions where there isn’t an event language per se, but guests need to communicate with others in the absence of a common language. At such events, as you would expect, the role of the translators surpasses that of all of the others combined. If you can’t get your point across, there is very little the coffee and cake can do to help.

If you are visiting or sponsoring an event for the very first time, my advice to you would be to blend in, take some time off in between sessions and remind yourself that everyone is in the same boat. Events, events everywhere, nor any speech to see.
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