What Kids can Teach Us
By S. Zimmermann

It is impressive to see how far kids and teenagers are able to take responsibility for their own future. The regular Friday demonstrations for reducing our impact on climate change are just one example. It shows that they do believe in making a real impact. But this is obviously not the only noteworthy example.
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Thank God it’s Monday!
By S. Zimmermann

What is your perception of the ‘first’ day of a new week? Are you one of the people who spends the biggest part of your Sunday already worrying about the new week? Or are you one of the ‘others’, looking forward to a new week lying ahead of you with entirely new possibilities, keeping you busy with your long-term vision instead of just getting through yet another week?
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Manufacturing vs Finance Events
By A. Teggatz

Events, events everywhere, nor any speech to see. That is the feeling that most have with the deluge of events around the world. Which one to attend, which one to sponsor and which one to scout out are questions on the minds of a few. I would like to add my two cents worth to an interesting observation between Manufacturing and Finance events. Spoiler alert: They are not that different!
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A.I. vs Society: Round 1
By J. Tamhane

While the tech evangelists are busy pushing Artificial Intelligence into every scenario that we can think of, the other competitor has not even arrived in the boxing ring. The crowd is cheering the lone boxer raising the gloves. A.I. feels like an invincible super-human that can take on any opponent. Little does A.I. know that it is just a new kid on the block. Its opponent has been there since the start of civilisation.
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On Choosing Contentment over Success
By S. Zimmermann

A show of hands please: How many of us took some minutes out of their days late last year or early this year to come up with New Year’s resolutions or goals for 2019? How many of us put indefinite determinants such as ‘more sports’, ‘less tech time’, ‘healthier habits’, or something like ‘finally ask for that long-overdue raise’ on their lists? Where does that constant white noise come from, why does it get louder every year and why does it make us feel like we need to improve ourselves? And how come we judge our own achievements as not ___ (fill in the blank as needed: good, better, fast) enough, but choose the beginning of a new year to try and top our own journey as it is?
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