Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a field of study that keeps adjusting its definition. Some of the advancements in this field have become so common that we have stopped thinking of them as A.I. and consider them to be standard technology instead. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has been possible because of A.I. techniques such as Neural Networks. However, there is hardly anyone who thinks of a scanned document being converted into text as being A.I. related.

A second and more important reason as to why the definition of A.I. keeps changing, is that we are still at the beginning of the journey. A fully intelligent A.I. would be able to teach itself. But this is not the case right now and technology is more likely to fall under the "Machine Learning" category. Essentially, the computer programmes are still in the "Learning" phase.

As advancements in this field continue and become more and more "intelligent", the defintion of A.I. will keep shifting up the pyramid of intelligence.