Thank God it’s Monday!
By S. Zimmermann

What is your perception of the ‘first’ day of a new week? Are you one of the people who spends the biggest part of your Sunday already worrying about the new week? Or are you one of the ‘others’, looking forward to a new week lying ahead of you with entirely new possibilities, keeping you busy with your long-term vision instead of just getting through yet another week?

Why is it that many employees seem to dread Mondays? What makes this day worse than any other day of the week? Maybe it is time that we celebrate the beginning of a new week more than the end of one!

I asked some former colleagues and people within my circle why they treat Mondays with a different mindset than other weekdays. One comment struck a chord with me. Somebody pointed out that during weekends, time can be spent self-determined, whereas with Mondays the troublesome routine of feeling forced and externally ‘controlled’ takes over and even spoils all good feelings and energy related to the weekend-freedom. This made me extremely sad. How is it possible that we can attach so many negative emotions to a virtual concept of time? I believe we need to take the power back and twist the undesirable connotations attached to Mondays into something different. So here’s a little manifest for Mondays:

What is the worst that could happen on a Monday that sets it apart from happening on a Tuesday or Wednesday? Isn’t a Monday more promising than any other day? You have the whole week and a thousand possibilities to come up with and play around with ideas. Think bigger! If all your contributions or successes are no longer attached to the framed 5-day work-week, but you are following the path to a greater vision, this will be extremely motivating. Wouldn’t it?

Imagine that you could start the first day of the week without feeling this intangible pressure of sorting your full inbox by Friday. Monday could lose its seemingly all-negative spirit forever if you don`t have to perform and achieve something great all day, every day.

In order to get to this relieved and unburdened state of mind, I believe that our work culture has to change. Why don’t we take the first steps ourselves? Demonstrate to your co-workers, colleagues, and of course your bosses that your weekly performance would increase if you had a softer start into the week and don’t stick to the illusion that everybody’s energy level is at 100% on a Monday morning at 8 am sharp. You have then taken the first step needed to change your own work environment for the better. And if anyone criticizes your take on it, ask them to get some help.

Thank God it’s Monday!
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