Turning Sunshine and Ice Cream into Productivity
By K. Tamhane

Isn’t it a bit odd that in today’s age of digitalization, most people are still expected to be in the office between 9am and 5pm? Yes, there are certain jobs like doctors and nurses where it’s essential to be physically there and have specific shifts. But most employees just feel imprisoned behind the invisible bars of a "workday".
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Decision Paralysis: How to get around it
By A. Donhauser

Every now and again we find ourselves wondering why something did not go the way we would have liked it to. Did it have anything to do with a decision that we took which changed the course? Was that decision the right one?
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The Hammer and the Screw
By J. Ruehl

If you hit a screw with a hammer, you would expect to achieve a rather suboptimal result. Hardly anyone would debate that point. If, for some reason, you still keep hammering and this screw stubbornly refuses to cooperate, it might be time to think of some alternatives. A screwdriver might be a better tool or a nail might be a better replacement. But that is just obvious, right?
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What Kids can Teach Us
By S. Zimmermann

It is impressive to see how far kids and teenagers are able to take responsibility for their own future. The regular Friday demonstrations for reducing our impact on climate change are just one example. It shows that they do believe in making a real impact. But this is obviously not the only noteworthy example.
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Thank God it’s Monday!
By S. Zimmermann

What is your perception of the ‘first’ day of a new week? Are you one of the people who spends the biggest part of your Sunday already worrying about the new week? Or are you one of the ‘others’, looking forward to a new week lying ahead of you with entirely new possibilities, keeping you busy with your long-term vision instead of just getting through yet another week?
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