Frequently Asked Questions

What does Capacilon mean?

Capacilon is a word formed by joining Capacity and Echelon. The word “Echelon” comes from the old French word of “Eschelon” which refers to the rungs of a ladder. In today’s world, this word is also used to describe the triangle flying formation of the flock of birds. The first bird makes it easier for the ones in the next row by allowing them to be in its wind draft. The following rows benefit even more. As time goes by, the birds swap the order and another bird takes the lead. The weaker ones stay at the back but with the group. The formation breaks and regroups several times along the way. Together, the flock goes further than any single one could. This is what the name Capacilon stands for. We focus on putting your capacity in the echelon formation so that you can go further along your vision.

What does Capacilon do?

We help businesses reach harmony across their software systems. We are there with you from concept to completion. We help our customers by disentangling the technology jungle, so that they can focus on their vision and make it happen!

Which services does Capacilon offer?

We offer services to our customers in the following areas:
  • Simplifying the software systems
  • Making collaboration of your team more efficient by filling in the gaps in your systems
  • Bringing harmony between systems and processes
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What makes Capacilon different?

What makes us different is our philosophy of a B2B ecosystem in harmony. We are focused on a long-term partnership with our customers as well as suppliers. We look at customers, suppliers, and our own employees, as interconnected members in a B2B ecosystem. We succeed if we all succeed. That makes us different!

How did Capacilon start?

Capacilon was founded to solve a big issue in the consulting industry, which is that projects become the focus of the suppliers. But the vision of the customer disappears into the background. We focus on the vision of our customers. And we stand for the success of our customer, not just for one specific project.

What is Capacilon's vision?

Our vision is of a B2B ecosystem where the lines between the companies in the supply chain become invisible. The project and the target are on centre-stage. The association of individuals to a company becomes irrelevant. If there is a project that everyone is committed to, then all of us win only if the project succeeds. Instead of “It’s not my job”, we look forward to a world where “I can do this task” becomes the norm.

Who are Capacilon’s customers?

Our customers range from smaller family-owned businesses to large multinationals. We have helped customers in the areas of manufacturing, product development and administrative services. The common factor across our projects is that the customer was looking for a partner to help them identify and implement the roadmap that would support their vision.

We helped one such customer in matching technology with their vision.

What process does Capacilon follow in projects?

The biggest issue in projects is not the size of the project, but the size of the first step. Capacilon focuses on identifying the right first step. As the project progresses, new learnings and information become available. The focus remains on finding the right next step. Even the best of best planned projects could face surprises. Keeping the path aligned with the customer’s vision while maintaining the flexibility to adjust the next step is the key to a successful project. We follow this philosophy by design.

Which companies are in Capacilon’s ecosystem?

We work close together with other companies that share our philosophy. They cover a range of technologies from ERP systems to IoT solutions. Our ecosystem allows us to access expert know-how without making our customer face the salespeople from the technology providers. This gives our customers valuable information instead of the sugar-coated sales presentations.

How does Capacilon enagage with cutomers?

Our engagement with our customers starts with the vision of the customer. Some customers wish to innovate but have limited resources to carry out the research around the available options. In this case, we become the research partner. Some customers wish to build up their capabilities internally. In this case, we gradually focus on a know-how transfer to the customer. And some customers wish to rely upon an ecosystem of many suppliers. In this case, we become a member of the ecosystem of suppliers aligned with the vision of the customer.

We helped one such customer in making team collaboration more efficient.

How does Capacilon view data privacy?

According to us, data privacy is of high importance. We aim to implement data privacy by habit. We regularly provide internal coaching to our employees on the importance of data privacy and the benefits to all by having the choice of what to keep private. When we consider sharing personal information, we ask the simple question: “Is this personal information necessary for the purpose of the conversation?”. We even avoid mentioning names of our point of contacts from the customer side to our own employees, if they are not connected with that project. Instead, we refer to them by their job title. It helps a lot in the bigger picture as it reminds the employees of our focus on data privacy in every conversation.

How does Capacilon maintain customer confidentiality?

We are involved with strategically significant projects of our customers. We understand that even seemingly trivial information could provide an insight to the competitors of ur customers. For instance, just the fact that a company has started on a worldwide transformation project, could alert its competitors about a shift in global strategy. Similarly, a trivial information such as the purchase of a new software product could draw attention of the competitors to the area of improvement under focus. We take confidentiality seriously. We maintain a policy of avoiding mentioning customer names to any third-party.

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