IoT Prototyping

IoT projects involve substantial planning and many unknowns. Some of the challenges relate to the peripheral systems that connect to the IoT solution in mind. As a Proof of Concept, it may be sufficient to test some of the key parts of the design simply at your desk.

If you are interested in IoT prototyping, there are some cost-effective hardware options.

Raspberry Pi

Rasberry Pi Foundation declares itself to be a charity organisation focused on bringing programming to the world. There are several starter kits on the market to get you going.


Arduino is open source and is an electronics platform. It aims to enable enthusiasts without an electronics background to create IoT prototypes.


Adafruit is the brainchild of an MIT engineer, Limor Fried. The online store has a broad variety of third-party products that have been approved by Adafruit.


Udoo is, essentially, a compact computer. It has compatibilities with specific Arduinos. It can run on Android or Linux.

There are several options to choose from in the market if you are contemplating prototyping that is decoupled from your processes. In the end, it boils down to a matter of taste.

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