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Capacilon is your trustworthy IoT advisor driven by the ultimate goal of helping you achieve your success.

We do not sell products and we do not sell solutions. Instead, we solve problems! We invest our energy in understanding your business, your strategy and your ecosystem.

Capacilon will help you simplify your IoT journey by making the most out of your existing processes, systems and, most importantly, in-house skills.

Capacilon provides IoT advisory services to help you navigate through the infinite labyrinth of products and solutions in the IoT space.

Have you been confronted by marketing material on the best IoT product or the best IoT solution? What makes it the best? Does it even apply to you and your business direction?

We engage with your key stakeholders to understand why you are progressing on the IoT journey. We identify the "low hanging fruits" that would give you the highest return for the least amount of investment. We will help you achieve more for the same budget right from the start, instead of the silly games of scope-creep after a project has gone live.

Capacilon will share our Big Data expertise with you so that your in-house team is able to carry on the analysis on their own. Some data may not be useful and some data may bring hidden biases that may lead you towards the wrong conclusion. We will guide you into gradually being able to bring this customised expertise to your employees. All of this could be done, in most cases, with the tools you currently have and may, in some cases, need inexpensive products that only give you those features that are really relevant to you. Why spend your budget on buying products and solutions that you do not need? Why throw money away at consultants that take the know-how with them when they leave? Why not train your internal team?

We will also be there to accompany you through the simplified steps needed to achieve connectivity. You do not need everything to be connected. There is exceptional value in collecting information wisely. Even more important is the context of that information. Collecting "speed" is useless without knowing whether it is a production line or a delivery truck. Machine learning is being incorrectly marketed as being able to figure this out. It cannot! Definitely not yet.

Would you like to find out the truth instead of a sales pitch?
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Capacilon has extensive expertise in connectivity and data analysis. We have a thorough understanding of Blockchain. Which is why we are not afraid to give you the raw truth.

We know the merits of modular production and distribution. We are also aware of the challenges in integrating manufacturing and supply chain and putting it all on a Blockchain. These are not just technical challenges. There are legal changes, social challenges and political challenges.

Nobody can look into the future to see how global trade evolves. Nobody can know the full impact of the ongoing change in social attitudes towards sustainability. And nobody would be able to predict the disturbances in the geo-political situation even five years from now!

This is where our expertise comes into play. We will highlight the inflexibility of the technologies and solutions in the context of your specific business case. We will show you what is suitable and what is not feasible. We will help you locate and remove unneccesary aspects of IoT that have been marketed to you as a sales-pitch but are misaligned with your strategic direction.

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