Frequently Asked Questions

What does Capacilon do?

We help businesses reach harmony across their software systems. We are there with you from concept to completion. We help our customers by disentangling the technology jungle, so that they can focus on their vision and make it happen!

Which services does Capacilon offer?

We offer services to our customers in the following areas:
  • Simplifying the software systems
  • Making collaboration of your team more efficient by filling in the gaps in your systems
  • Bringing harmony between systems and processes

What makes Capacilon different?

What makes us different is our philosophy of a B2B ecosystem in harmony. We are focused on a long-term partnership with our customers as well as suppliers. We look at customers, suppliers, and our own employees, as interconnected members in a B2B ecosystem. We succeed if we all succeed. That makes us different!

Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer has vision, passion, and an urge to improve the status quo. The only thing getting in the way is the soup of systems that have evolved over time.

What is your vision?

Our vision is of a B2B ecosystem where the lines between the companies in the supply chain become invisible. The project and the target are on centre-stage. The association of individuals to a company becomes irrelevant. If there is a project that everyone is committed to, then all of us win only if the project succeeds. Instead of “It’s not my job”, we look forward to a world where “I can do this task” becomes the norm.

What do your customers say?