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Has Blockchain Lost its Mojo?
By J. Anderson

Over the years, various entities have tried (and oftentimes failed) to roll out a solution to the elusive supply chain problem. In 2005, Walmart attempted to track its supply chain via the use of RFID chips. Yet, the endeavor resulted in failure (full article). The reason? Lack of adoption by its suppliers and difficulties of integrating even after adoption.
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Three Cheers for Simplicity
By A. Hofmann

I prefer things to be simple. You can have coffee that is mildly foamed or an espresso, and maybe with Hazelnut flavor or Vanilla. You could add a hint of cocoa powder or even chocolate syrup with a serving of ice cream. The possibilities are endless. I just like my coffee with a bit of milk.
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I.T. Projects in the Public Sector
By A. Donhauser

Can governmental organizations change I.T. Systems successfully? The answer to this question is of course: YES, they can! There is substantial literature, and practitioners share the view, that there are many pitfalls of such a change. But if you look behind the scenes, you can identify 8 important questions.
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Pitfalls of Data Analysis (Part 2)
By M. Mukhamadieva

In the previous article, I covered the first group of mistakes that were collectively called “data mining” (click here for the previous blog). Today I am going to talk about three other common problems that arise during data analytics process: correlation vs. causation, endogeneity, and data quality.
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The Power of Big Data in Marketing
By K. Becker

Nowadays, the term Big Data is used on a regular basis and literally refers to large amounts of data. Big Data analysis makes use of this data with the innovative technology of machine learning, or self-learning algorithms, to gain a transparent overview of ongoing business processes. Its goal is to uncover underlying patterns and trends.
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