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A.I. vs Society: Round 1
By J. Tamhane

While the tech evangelists are busy pushing Artificial Intelligence into every scenario that we can think of, the other competitor has not even arrived in the boxing ring. The crowd is cheering the lone boxer raising the gloves. A.I. feels like an invincible super-human that can take on any opponent. Little does A.I. know that it is just a new kid on the block. Its opponent has been there since the start of civilisation.
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On Choosing Contentment over Success
By S. Zimmermann

A show of hands please: How many of us took some minutes out of their days late last year or early this year to come up with New Year’s resolutions or goals for 2019? How many of us put indefinite determinants such as ‘more sports’, ‘less tech time’, ‘healthier habits’, or something like ‘finally ask for that long-overdue raise’ on their lists? Where does that constant white noise come from, why does it get louder every year and why does it make us feel like we need to improve ourselves? And how come we judge our own achievements as not ___ (fill in the blank as needed: good, better, fast) enough, but choose the beginning of a new year to try and top our own journey as it is?
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The Conscious Consumer in the Digital Age
By S. Zimmermann

The first title I chose contained the word ‘mindful’ instead of conscious, but in order to point to the fact that none of us can make decisions while being ‘unconscious’, I chose the latter. Ironically enough, we all seem to make more unconscious decisions these days. We are tricked into believing that the bigger/faster-is-better-analogy still has its entitlement.
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Electronic Everything versus Social Responsibility
By J. Tamhane

Although I agree, in principle, that “Electronic Everything" is efficient, there are important considerations that form arguments against it. Of course, it depends upon the definition of efficiency. I believe that there are more aspects than just technical efficiency.
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Has Blockchain Lost its Mojo?
By J. Anderson

Over the years, various entities have tried (and oftentimes failed) to roll out a solution to the elusive supply chain problem. In 2005, Walmart attempted to track its supply chain via the use of RFID chips. Yet, the endeavor resulted in failure (full article). The reason? Lack of adoption by its suppliers and difficulties of integrating even after adoption.
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