Decision Paralysis: How to get around it
By A. Donhauser

Every now and again we find ourselves wondering why something did not go the way we would have liked it to. Did it have anything to do with a decision that we took which changed the course? Was that decision the right one?

In hindsight, practically every decision from the past could be challenged and proven incorrect in some form. However, at that time in the past, the circumstances were certainly different. The information that we would have today could be substantially more detailed than back then. And, most importantly, our perspective may have been biased by factors well beyond our control.

Now, let’s imagine that we are facing the crossroads today. We have two choices. Either, we continue along the path we have always taken. Or, we try an untested alternative. But what if there are things we do not expect and what if we cannot deal with them? How about rephrasing it with the alternative perspective instead and thinking how wonderful it might be to be positively surprised by the unknowns?

We have all had this positive attitude in our lives but maybe in altogether different circumstances. Some choose the unknowns when they go hiking on a remote trail. Others do the same on a bicycle. In fact, you might even be trying something new at a restaurant. Think of the time you were glad that you did, in fact, make the decision. And now think of even more times when this has happened.

Decision paralysis exists because we let it be. We are both the makers and the eliminators of such a paralysis. Sometimes it needs a lot of courage. Sometimes, it needs some support. But at times, even curiosity is enough to simply take the first step. As hard as it may seem when you are facing the choice, the smile on your face when it works is worth the risk you are about to take. Decide, act and get ready to smile!
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