Africa: The cradle of fashion: Rahim Chattaika
By J. Tamhane

Africa is the worlds second largest continent made up of more than 50 countries. One of these countries on the eastern side is the landlocked country of Malawi. Within the less than 20 million inhabitants, a vast majority are under the poverty line. Coming from such beginnings is certain to create a fire within that drives someone continuously forward. One such driven individual is Rahim Chattaika, who is convinced that his purpose extends beyond himself to a lot more around him.
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Bringing IT and OT together: Christine Frank
By J. Tamhane

With IoT becoming more and more of a common topic, the worlds of IT and OT (essentially, the factory) come closer and closer. The AI tools (or to be precise, Machine Learning Algorithms) are presenting numerous opportunities of making sense of the vast data that factories have and can collect. One such dynamic, innovative and humble executive with more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation, process control and BAS systems (safety, controls, industrial networks and fieldbus), is Christine Frank.
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Supply Chain Collaboration: Validaide
By J. Tamhane

Supply Chain is a field that each and every one of us experiences constantly. Whether it is buying a carton of milk at the supermarket or getting some medication at the pharmacy, the complex chain of businesses that makes this possible is something we take for granted. The success of the chain lies in strengthening the links. One company focused in exactly this space is a start-up called Validaide, which is based in the Netherlands.
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Nanosatellites: Fleet Space Technologies
By J. Tamhane

There are a few thousand man-made satellites revolving around the Earth at various heights and with incredibly fast speeds. Four of these are from a startup company based in Australia called Fleet Space Technologies, with the last one launched on a SpaceX’s Falcon rocket. These particular satellites are the so-called nanosatellites that are about the size of a small carry-on piece of luggage.
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